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Marijuana.Ca created The Medicine Fund as a think tank and project to identify impactful initiatives for us to allocate some of our resources towards. For many years, Marijuana.Ca has given exposure on our website and thru social media to various organizations that are doing good work in the space. Later on in 2020, Marijuana.Ca and Renaissance will begin making regular financial contributions towards various organizations, and towards an initiative that reduces the medicine costs for patients in financial need.
Organizations Making a Difference
Marijuana.Ca & Renaissance will make financial contributions towards the following organizations: CFAMM (Canadians For Fair Access To Medical Marijuana), CCIC (The Canadian Consortium For The Investigation of Cannabinoids), The International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines, IMPACT NetworkThe Arthritis Society, and others.
Financial Support for Patients in Need
Marijuana.Ca & Renaissance will offer financial support to patients in Canada who cannot afford to buy their medicine or where the cost creates financial hardship. We will work with Licensed Producers and distributors to arrange for financial subsidies to reduce the cost of Medical Marijuana/Cannabis or provide the medicine at no cost. In order to protect patient confidentiality, we will make payments directly to the Licensed Producer or distributor, who will reduce the patient's medicine cost in their system. Some Licensed Producers currently offer programs that subsidize patients who qualify. In some cases, we will add additional subsidies to patients in those programs. We are currently in discussions with Licensed Producers and Applicants to move this project forward. Our goal is to work with as many Licensed Producers or distributors as possible, in order to give patients on limited incomes access to the widest variety of Medical Marijuana/Cannabis._____________
Future Initiatives
We will consider implementing the following additional initiatives after Marijuana.Ca has reached certain business milestones:EducationFinancial support for various kinds of impactful educational initiatives related to Medical Marijuana/Cannabis.Research & DevelopmentFinancial support to researchers, orgs and companies that are developing Marijuana/Cannabis Medicines that provide benefit to patients who have various illnesses and diseases across a wide spectrum. We are especially interested in research and development of medicine that can bring benefit to people who have neurological disorders. E.g. : ALS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Epilepsy, Dementia and others.


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